Darkboard iPad Drawing Stand
Darkboard iPad Drawing Stand
Darkboard iPad Drawing Stand
Darkboard iPad Drawing Stand
Darkboard iPad Drawing Stand
Darkboard iPad Drawing Stand
Darkboard iPad Drawing Stand
Darkboard iPad Drawing Stand

Darkboard iPad Drawing Stand

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What's Inside

  • Darkboard: The ultralight, ergonomic iPad drawing stand.
  • Foldable Stand: A compact and sturdy companion stand for Darkboard. The Stand accommodates two angle options — the Easel Setup for drawing, or the Desktop Setup for a vertical display.
  • Neoprene Sleeve: Darkboard's neoprene sleeve is stain, water, oil, and heat resistant. It's the perfect carrying case to take your Darkboard, Stand, and iPad on the go!  

iPad Compatibility Guide

Darkboard comes in two sizes:

  • Model D1: Fits the 12.9” iPad Pro (3rd generation and newer).
  • Model D2: Fits the 11” iPad Pro or the iPad Air.  

Note: Darkboard does not support the iPad Mini or the newest 2022 10th Generation iPad model.

Will your iPad work with Darkboard?

  • ✅ If your iPad has a USB-C charging port, it is compatible with Darkboard.
  • ❌ If your iPad has a Home button, it is NOT compatible with Darkboard.

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Ergonomic iPad drawing stand for creatives

“Darkboard makes drawing on an iPad more comfortable”

Cult of Mac

“Darkboard is meticulously designed for artists”

9to5 Mac

“Designed to deliver a more Wacom-like experience to iPad”

Tech Crunch

“I test iPad accessories for a living and this drawing stand is genius”

Creative Bloq

A versatile workspace — at your desk or on the go!

The Darkboard iPad drawing stand accommodates three different setups:

Easel Setup

Perfect for drawing or writing, this setup lays your Darkboard at a comfortable 30-degree angle.

Vertical Setup

Flip your Stand around to set up your Darkboard in a vertical, desktop-like position. This is great for using your iPad as a primary or secondary monitor while working.

In Your Lap

Use your Darkboard on its own to rest comfortably in your lap. Great for drawing on the couch or in bed!

An iPad stand designed for drawing and notetaking


No more hand cramps! Darkboard mimics steering wheel ergonomics to minimize fatigue during long drawing sessions.


Darkboard has three setup options: Use the Foldable Stand for the Easel or Vertical setup, or use it solo on your lap!


Darkboard weighs less than the box it’s shipped in! It’s rigid enough to provide support and durability, while maintaining a lightweight profile.


The protective iPad cradle is made of polycarbonate, one of the strongest plastics available. Your iPad fits snuggly in the cradle so it won’t fall out.

Take the pain out of drawing

Crafted from Leatherfoam Cushion: Darkboard is made from premium EVA that balances sturdy rigidity with supportive cushion. It’s the same material used in high-performance sports equipment.

Grippy surface texture: The subtle grainy texture gives a comfortable grip while you’re seated in place or on the move.

Ergonomic grooved handles: Angular grooves closely mimic the ergonomics of steering wheels designed to minimize fatigue during long drawing sessions. 


“Great for artists who like to get comfy like me”

Kayla Ann

“Darkboard has improved my workflow and allowed me to work more comfortably in places like the sofa or outside on my patio. The best part about it is that it’s feather-light, making transport a breeze!”

Kat Johnson

“It’s a great product for iPad artists who like to get comfy while drawing like me. I noticed right away how light it is. I’ll be using it a lot, especially at home while I’m drawing in bed.”

Nick Anglin

“After using this for a couple hours I realized just how much I actually needed something like this. This allowed me to get really comfortable and enjoy the experience of drawing on my iPad again.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Alex García
Just what I need

I’m really enjoy draw in my iPad 11 with the Darkboard. It’s very comfortable and flexible.

John Burrow

five star

Just what I’ve been looking for!

I love to sit in comfy places to draw on my iPad and I’ve been searching for a lightweight holder. This is perfect. I can use the darkboard with or without the stand. Both options are super lightweight and very comfy. My daughter teaches an iPad art class to kids at her local library and she saw my darkboard and fell in love. I just sent her one of her own for her birthday!

My only complaint is that the neoprene case is so snug that I have to wrestle to get the darkboard in it. It’s such a pain that I never use the neoprene case, which is a bummer because I’d really like to!

Steinar Martinussen

I didn’t have too high hopes for a plastic board or a huge case for the iPad. Boy was I wrong, This has become an essential pice of kit when drawing and doing CAD work. It’s just designed really really well

Timothy Fox

I originally gave a 3 star review because my Apple pen would not fit in the slot and would not charge. I have sense been given directions on an easy fix for the situation and now would love to give a 5 star review. Love the product and the support.