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Pleasantly surprised - RPP Version 2

I received my screen protector having no expectation. To my delight, the surface is like "paper" and what a difference in the feeling when drawing.

I noticed some marks on the protector after a session of drawing. I took a microfiber cloth and wiped gently - all marks disappeared.

And the plus, is that you can remove and reinstall your RPP multiple times without any issues - you can clean both sides of the protector with alcohol for thorough cleaning. It is recommended cleaning the screen protector using 70% isopropyl alcohol for best results. Remember to let the isopropyl alcohol completely dry before reattaching the screen protector to your iPad!

And a bonus, you can purchase replacement tips separately on their website.

I really love how easy the screen protector installation was! And the pen tips are fabulous, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them but they are great & very responsive.

Perfect screen protector

I love the Matte iPad screen protector. I always wanted a paper like screen protector and this one is just perfect. The additional Pencil Tip is even better to write with.
I can fully recommend this!

Great tactical feel.

Works great. Really like the feel.

Back to Life !

The Luna Display is a fantastic device… it’s brought back my old trustworthy 2010 Mac as a high quality display. It simply works, no hassle.

Luna display

Small item, great performance

Happy with my purchase

This darkboard is conformed to the description and is really useful when drawing on the iPad for long hours each day. I also like it to watch TV and series as I find the black border help me to focus on the screen. The stand is also quite useful and light. The only minor disagreement is the angle of the iPad when put on the stand to watch TV. I find it too vertical and I have to add a book underneath it to add some angle. But overall it is a great purchase. And with the taxes added at checkout (for Europe) I was pleased to not have an expensive surprise at delivery time.

What a difference

Easy to apply and wow how easy to write on my iPad more crazy uncontrollable scribbles. It does take time to get used to the ever so slight rough texture when scrolling though. I LOVE it.

Best I’ve used

I don’t know if there is a better iPad screen than this, but this is the best I’ve ever used. Installing was easy, the texture plus the new tips are fantastic!

The real deal

This thing is amazing and gives me unprecedented versatility with my Apple products.
I recently bought a Mac Mini to supplement my iMac that is no longer supported. The installation was relatively easy and now my beautiful 27” display has a new lifespan. I installed the software on my iPad and it works great on that also.

I couldn’t be more pleased.

Pleasantly surprised

As a working artist, my Apple pen is critical, so I was willing to try, but also a bit skeptical of the different tips. So, I was pleasantly surprised when the installation was as easy as promised, and the pen tip worked wonderfully. I will say make sure you take a clean cloth and press down on the whole surface when you install. I had a few blips at first, but once I realized what was going on, I smoothed the whole surface and have had no problems since then!

Works really well

The rock paper pencil version two is a big improvement over version one, and something that I intend to use on all my iPads. Using the pencil tips and protector make the iPad feel like you’re writing on paper, and then couple it with focus modes and you have a device that far exceeds the capabilities of either Remarkable 2 or a Kindle scribe.
The writing feel is very nice, not so much resistance that it becomes tacky, but just enough to make it a pleasurable experience. The protector also allows the screen to be used for viewing movies, and other media, as the Matt finish is not distracting from the iPads excellent screen.
I haven’t noticed any issue in wear and tear, although I only use the iPad for notetaking in meetings that are face to face, so fewer now we are all video stars.

Love the paper-y experience!

Before the Rock Paper Pencil screen protector, I barely used my ipad. I knew it had potential, but it just wasn't for me. After the screen protector: I use my ipad all the time. What a difference! The feel when writing is really good, and this has encouraged me to use my ipad for far more than I had originally thought I would. In fairness, I should say that I have not tried any other screen protectors, and that the glary-sharp image resolution one has with an ipad without a screen protector is irrelevant to me. Everything still looks more than good enough for my purposes.

Everything at once

I’m successfully using Luna Display to connect an M3 Pro Macbook Pro to an iMac 27” 2020 as a 5k display, while still driving a Studio Display and an M2 iPad Pro. With this setup I can see plenty of references while drawing on the iPad as an extended display, mirrored to the iMac display for a bigger view. All thunderbolt cable connected. Thanks Astropad!

Version 2 is indeed an improvement over the already excellent version 1. 👍

Absolutely perfect iPad cover for the artist… And the metal tipped Apple Pencil accessories are just with the doctor ordered… What a pleasure working on the 12.9, now.
Rock paper pencil… Except no substitute, I'm serious about that


I love this product. It makes it so easy to draw by adding the extra space. The stand is wicked it holds to the board great and the carrying case is super helpful. Would 100% recommend. I use mine every day. My iPad never comes out of it.

Even better than I hoped for

The pencil tips really makes a difference for notetaking on my iPad. And the screen protector feels more ”fingertips-friendly” when I swipe ;-)

Such a game changer!

The delivery to Europe was certainly quick and the quality feels premium, really love the versatility it gives as now I can draw while standing and don't destroy my lumbar zone for sitting all day haha.

Couple of things I'd love to see for a 2nd version:
- A cut out for the iPad to "breath"
Summer is getting closer and closer and I'm afraid my iPad would overheat due to being trapped on such a small space, fortunately I don't use devices while charging so this might mitigate the heat issue.

- Something else to hold the iPad
Not a fan of pushing the device nor removing it from the DarkBoard, the built-in case is a bit too tight for my liking. Maybe some clip things or a magnetic case to hold the iPad would solve my issue with the board.

- A way to cover the cable notch
A notch similar to that one board made out of wood I've seen online combined with a slider door thing would be golden, as it covers a possible hole for your hand to get stuck and don't bend the cable too aggressively.


This solution is absolutely fantastic and has enabled me to save my iMac, which four different IT specialists had told me to throw away. I had to search very ( too ) long on the net to find this wonderful solution which actually works unlike other software solutions. Many thanks 🙏


I am a special education teacher and I use my iPad to write notes on students, record data, lesson plan and write out information as needed. This set was a lifesaver! It really does feel like I’m writing on paper and I have always preferred this feeling over writing on a smooth glass tablet. The pen tip makes the whole thing work ever better. Highly recommend for those of us who spend their day writing!!

This is definitely the way to go for the tattooer or someone who loves to edit over your iPad or tablet. Sharp editing or stenciling with the fine metal tips. It’s a stellar product

Not arrived yet

My Luna Display has Not arrived yet! I Hope everything is ok! Greetings Jörg

I love this! It has that satisfying feeling to it and sound. It’s amazing!

Game changer!

Having been a career artist, the switch to digital art was tricky. This slows down my stroke and gives me a lot more control and a more familiar feel. Definitely worth checking out.