Luna Display - Second Display Hardware
Luna Display - Second Display Hardware
Luna Display - Second Display Hardware
Luna Display - Second Display Hardware
Luna Display - Second Display Hardware
Luna Display - Second Display Hardware
Luna Display in packaging
Luna Display - Second Display Hardware
Luna Display - Second Display Hardware
Luna Display - Second Display Hardware
Luna Display - Second Display Hardware
Luna Display - Second Display Hardware

Luna Display - Second Display Hardware

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Please note, Luna does not work with adapters. Learn more

Turn any Mac or iPad into a wireless second display

USB-C, HDMI, or Mini DisplayPort: Which Luna Display is right for you? →  TAKE THE QUIZ

    Before you buy

    Alert icon Please note, Luna does not work with adapters.

    For best performance: 

    • Luna Display is intended to use as a side reference screen with content that doesn’t frequently change.
    • Luna is NOT recommended for gaming, video playback, or other high-motion content.
    • Use a modern wireless router that supports 802.11ac. If strong WiFi isn't available, connect with a USB cable.

    Mix and match devices

    • Computer-to-iPad: Extend your Mac or PC desktop to iPad
    • Computer-to-MacUse an extra Mac as a second display — works on older Macs too! 
    • Headless ModeUse your Mac or iPad as the main display for Mac Mini or Mac Pro

    Untether your workflow

    • Connect over WiFi or USB
    • Available for Mac and PC desktops
    • Low-latency performance at 16 ms
    • Crystal-clear image quality
    • Full support for iPad touch gestures, Apple Pencil, and keyboards

    Easy setup 

    1. Plug in Luna: Insert Luna Display into your primary computer to get started.
    2. Launch the apps: Launch the free Luna companion apps on your primary and secondary devices.
    3. Connect! Luna will automatically connect your devices over your existing WiFi network or USB cable. 

    Your purchase includes:

    • The Luna hardware unit (USB-C, HDMI, or Mini DisplayPort)
    • Access to the Luna Display apps for desktop and iPad
    • Luna Display is a one-time hardware purchase (no subscriptions!)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 173 reviews
    Mary L Blackwell
    Works great, but could be even better

    So far Luna Display is working well allowing a 27” late 2012 iMac to serve as the main display for an M2 Mac Mini. A feature enhancement that would make the setup even better would be access to the iMac camera and microphone from the Mini. Seems silly to see a web cam sitting on top of an iMac! Since Luna already allows access to the iMac’c keyboard and mouse, I’m hoping it would not be to difficult to add the feature. Thanks!

    Peter Cobrin
    It does exactly what it says on the tin!!

    My 2013 iMac has found a new life as a second monitor powered by my Mac mini and the Luna dongle. I even still have access to all my documents on the iMac which I hadn’t counted on. I had two days when for some reason it wasn’t working, but Astropad's support was swift and supportive. Great product!!!

    Old iMac refurbished.

    I bought this Luna Display to allow me to upgrade to Apple’s new Apple Silicon iMac Mini. Intel chips are no longer used being used and support is being phased out.
    But I loved my old 27 iMac inch screen.
    Luna display has helped a lot and I still have my 27 inch iMac screen in HD. I use the headless mode. Was able to figure it out with my original peripherals (Magic Mouse, keyboard) and my HDTV with HDMI hookup to get started. Astropad’s email help was great and patient. Although there is some lag I was able to decrease it to 1 or 2 msec using a high quality Ethernet cable. (Low quality cable was 5-7 msec).
    My wife is pleased as we share the iMac desktop. She didn’t want 2 screens. I also have access to the old hard drive in the IMac …through iCloud mostly. I may end up with a 2nd screen but then I can use my iMac screen in addition. Win/win. Great option.
    Still early but I am hopeful.

    Suzanne - Leeds UK
    Great Product

    I’ve been using my Luna Display for a few weeks now. I use it with my Studio Mac and a 2015 iMac - I could not justify buying a Studio Display at £1500 when I had a perfectly good screen (2 in fact!) on two older iMacs. It’s great not to have to throw away a perfectly good screen. It keeps the 5k Retina display if the OS is not too old. There’s the teeniest tiniest bit of lag but after a few minutes you adjust and it’s not even noticeable, but you cannot use it to work in video or to watch any video/stream tv etc. As a designer I find it perfectly okay to use the iMac as my main screen using Adobe. Obviously there’s a set up and a daily launch of the apps etc but it’s quick, no big deal at all, you do need a secondary screen to be able to set up the software, but I have a two screen set up anyway, just a cheap monitor will do the job. I use a USB connection between my two Macs, it’s much better than WiFi alone, and any niggles or questions I had I contacted the Astropad Customer Service Team. They are very thorough and helpful. Thanks to Ashley for helping me out on a couple of things. All in all I think it’s a great piece of kit and shame on Apple for not making it possible for customers to use the iMac screens themselves - it’s so wasteful and not at all environmentally friendly! I hope to get a few years more use out of my iMac in this way, it also doubles up as storage with its 1TB hard drive. Thanks Astropad!

    Tim L.
    Great Option for Alternative Setups

    I bought the luna display to be able to use my mac mini aware from the desk once my wife started working from home and we needed more office space and I wanted to free up the monitor we have for her to use. I work a lot from a 12.9 inch ipad pro, but need the computer for a handful of tasks that the ipad can’t handle. Wired, using the ipad as primary monitor works fantastic and with the size of the mac mini, I can actually take this when I travel for work with no problems at all. Wireless, there’s just a little too much lag to be functional. . . I use it to get by with my ipad pro as primary when I’m too far to be wired, but it drives me a little crazy. What I would love is an option to reduce screen resolution or quality to get faster refresh rates for a smoother experience.

    The cool part is making my mac-mini a touch screen using my ipad and having a mechanical keyboard that can switch devices - I can jump from luna display running my mac on ipad to actually using ipad apps easily. All in all, it is a great option for alternative set ups for flexibility.

    Only reason I knocked it down to 4.999 stars is due to having to restart the app often when I’m trying to connect after the computer sleeps. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t connect (even though the peer to peer recognizes that it is wired via usb). It is a bigger problem for me because if the ipad doesn’t connect I have zero chance to get it connected because I am only using 1 ipad as a main display. Having to shut down and reboot the computer is not ideal.