Magnetic Screen Protector for iPad
Magnetic Screen Protector for iPad
Magnetic Screen Protector for iPad
Magnetic Screen Protector for iPad
Magnetic Screen Protector for iPad

Magnetic Screen Protector for iPad

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[ FINAL SALE ] This magnetic, reusable iPad screen protector mimics the texture of drawing on paper.

  • Magnetic Application: With integrated magnetic edges, applying your screen protector is easy. Simply align the edges of the screen protector with your iPad screen and it will snap securely into place. 
  • Matte Finish: Made with nano-texture technology, this matte finish screen protector minimizes glare while providing superior stroke precision and clarity.
  • Removable and Reusable: With a magnetic connection, you can easily take your screen protector on and off when needed. This gives you the option to enjoy the matte finish of your screen protector for certain projects and the crystal-clear display of your iPad for others. 
  • Designed for Artists: The nano-texture surface creates subtle friction for Apple Pencil, allowing for superior stroke precision. 
  • Compatibility: The screen protector is available in two sizes:
    • The 12.9” screen protector fits the 12.9” iPad Pro (3rd generation and newer)
    • The 11” screen protector fits the 11” iPad Pro or the iPad Air

Available to ship to the United States and Canada

👉 Don't see your iPad size? Let us know what size you're looking for here. 

Customer Reviews

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James Lorincz
Precisely what I've been looking for - the best protector for digital art!

I'm extremely happy with this screen protector as it's clarity is as good as anything out there in it's class and it has the added, HUGE benefit of being magnetic. Thank you so much for helping make my iPad drawing and painting experience better.

Guy Eid
Works well but not perfectly

This screen protector works well and it improved my handwriting on an iPad. It holds well to the iPad with its magnetic strips on the side, but it is not cover friendly; it sticks the my magic keyboard when I open it and it also sticks to my other iPad case cover, hence the 4 stars not 5.
I learned to handle it a certain way to prevent it from peeling off with that cover or the magic keyboard, hence the 4 stars not 3.

Great screen!

Does the trick, the friction between the pencil and the screen feels soooooo good BUT the only downfall is the little bit of screen quality you lose.

I’m still using the screen protector tho, so I guess its not too bad ;)

John Houlihan

Doesn’t always stay in place.

Joseph Heck
great for the texture

Fantastic for the texture, but the magnetics are more likely to stick to the keyboard case than the screen, making it awkward to use on an iPad with a keyboard case.