The most realistic pen-on-paper feel for iPad

Precision Apple Pencil tip replacements 🤝 Magnetic textured screen protector

Precision Apple Pencil tip replacements

A super-fine ballpoint Apple Pencil tip replacement for precision in every stroke.

✔️ Precise Control: Fine-point Apple Pencil tips allow for controlled and precise lines when drawing and writing.

✔️ Straight to the Point: Like your favorite smooth ballpoint pen on paper.

Magnetic screen protector

The same great texture of other paper-feel screen protectors (with MUCH easier installation).

✔️ Magnetic Application: With integrated magnetic edges, you can apply and remove your screen protector in seconds.

✔️ Matte Finish: Made with nano-texture technology to mimic the texture of paper and minimize glare.

✔️ Removable & Reusable: Enjoy the matte finish of your screen protector for some projects and the crystal-clear display of your iPad for others.

Easy to install, remove and reuse

1. Apply Your Screen Protector

Snap your screen protector into place with integrated magnetic edges.

2. Install Apple Pencil Replacement Tip

Unscrew your current Apple Pencil tip and replace with your new fine-point replacement tip.

3. Start Creating

Enjoy the pen on paper feel and get started drawing or writing.

Choosing the right Apple Pencil tip replacement

Standard Apple Pencil tips offer pressure sensitivity and tilt control — but they're designed for slippery, drag-resistant iPad screens.

Rock Paper Pencil combats the inconsistent drag that comes with branded Apple Pencil tips.

The fine-point Apple Pencil replacement tip, combined with the subtle grain of the screen protector, ensures that each Pencil stroke is realistic and controlled.

Meticulously designed for artists and notetakers

Sketch, Paint, Draw

Write, Annotate, Notetake


Ditch the slip: On its own, the iPad’s glass screen is a slippery surface that creates an inconsistent drag on your Apple Pencil.

Smoother, more precise strokes: Rock Paper Pencil adds subtle friction between your screen and Apple Pencil replacement tip, giving you more control with each stroke output.