Beta Program, Round Two: Testing Luna in Everyday Workflows

Luna Working Reliably Across All Mac Models

From the very beginning of Luna’s journey, it’s been our top priority to make sure that Luna is a reliable and high-quality addition to your workspace. A big part of that promise is guaranteeing that Luna meets our performance standards across all Mac models, which requires extensive testing.

To help us out with this, at the end of April we issued a call for beta testers. We were so thrilled with the volume of people who volunteered to help us test Luna prototypes! Thank you to everyone who offered their time.

Early last month, we shipped out 200 beta units across the United States. We first asked our volunteers to plug in Luna and run the Luna Integrity Test — our test that verifies Luna’s compatibility with each Mac model. We accounted for every Mac model and variant that Apple has made over the last ten years, which amounts to more than 70 versions of Macs that we needed to test with Luna.

The Luna Integrity Test verifies compatibility with each Mac model

In November 2017, Luna only passed the test on 50% of Mac models. In January, Luna was at 90% compatibility. After months of refinements from our firmware team, we are happy to report that the recent beta units achieved 100% compatibility across all Mac models. 🙌

Positive Feedback from Beta Volunteers

Following the Integrity Test, our beta volunteers were able to take Luna for a test run to see how it performed in their everyday workflows. We were excited to receive so much positive beta feedback, especially after spending months fine-tuning Luna’s performance. Here are some highlights:

“I’m amazed at the performance thus far, and it’s great having a retina screen available to use for my non-Retina MacBook Pro." — Jose


“It's amazing… Honestly, I'm blown away with it. I showed my friend this morning and he is going to order one right away!” — Michael


“Luna set up went smoothly with my Mac Mini. I'm thrilled that the iPad Pro keyboard is supported in Luna already. I'm using Luna on headless Mac Mini and it's already making it possible for me to use the iPad Pro as a full laptop replacement. — Conrad

We’re growing the Luna team

Interested in helping bring Luna to life? You can check out our open position here: