Learn More About Luna

How Luna Stacks up Against Competitors

Luna's LIQUID Technology

How Luna's proprietary technology, LIQUID, provides you low-latency, high-resolution, and nearly lossless output

Luna's LIQUID Latency Comparison

See why Luna's latency technology, LIQUID, beats our competitors

Luna vs. Duet Display

Why the hardware matters

Getting Started with Luna

Choosing Your Luna Display Unit Type

Luna Display is available in two models. Find out which unit is the best fit for you!

Getting Started with Luna Display

Learn how to extend your workspace with Luna Display

Luna App Downloads

Required Mac and iPad Apps for Luna Display

Improve Your Workflow with Luna

1001 Ways to Use Luna Display

Luna adapts to your workflow, so you can focus on getting things done— whether you’re at the office, in the studio, or on the go

Office Mode for Multiple Users

Collaborate with others using Office Mode to switch between multiple Luna users

Astropad and Luna

Make the most of your workspace with Luna's software companion, Astropad

Headless Mode: Using your iPad as the Main Display for Mac Mini

Harness the power of your super computer from your iPad by setting it up as the main display, and take advantage of the Mac Mini's portability, so you can be productive anywhere

Mac-to-Mac Mode: Using your Mac as a Second Screen with Luna Display

NEW! Use any extra Mac as a second display. Perfect for anyone with multiple Macs — works on older Macs too!

The Ultimate Guide to iPad Accessories

Here’s our list of the best accessories to use with Luna Display based on user feedback and personal recommendations from our team.


Here’s How Apple Should Have Combined the iPad and Mac mini

We turned our iPad into a wireless display for the Mac mini using Luna Display

We Couldn’t Wait for a Foldable Mac Screen— So We Made One Ourselves

We prototyped a foldable Mac screen using Luna Display. Here's how you can create this workspace today