Meet Mac-to-Mac Mode

Luna Display 4.0 now turns any Mac into an extra display

We're always looking for ways to give our users the freedom and flexibility that their workflow deserves. Luna Display’s launch in the fall of 2018 blasted us off into an arena that no company had successfully played in before — we’d created a device that could turn your iPad into a second display for Mac. 

Since then, we've continued to ask ourselves, “Is there more that we could be doing with Luna Display?” The answer was sitting right under our noses in the form of all the idle Macs we had laying around our development space. What if we could turn people’s e-waste into extra screen space! 

Our team has always doubled-down on delivering rich features and low-latency input. Why? Because that’s user-driven and that’s what we do. With this latest update, we think it’s safe to say we’re still honoring that promise to our users — our new Mac-to-Mac Mode allows you to use any Mac as a second display:

Finally you can give purpose to your old Macs lying around. No need to have any idle devices! The combinations are nearly endless:

  • iMac + MacBook Pro
  • MacBook + MacBook
  • Mac mini + MacBook 

Yes, you can even use your MacBook as the main display for your Mac mini!

Use any Mac as a second display for any Mac laptop...

...or even for a Mac desktop

But Mac-to-Mac is more than just taking your old Macs out of retirement — use it as a way to make yourself more mobile! Luna was made with nomadic workers in mind, and with Mac-to-Mac Mode, you can have even more freedom and flexibility to work on the go. 

For example, if you have an iMac at your office, and a laptop that moves with you between work and home, pair your laptop with your iMac when in the office to make use of both devices. Or if you’re just working from home, pair your laptop to your iMac or Mac mini and harness the power of those super computers from your comfy sofa. Get yourself a snack in the kitchen without having to miss a beat when your co-worker sends you a funny dog GIF! The possibilities are endless!

Mac-to-Mac Features

  • Trackpad support for both computers
  • Keyboard support for both computers
  • Compatible with macOS 10.8 MountainLion or later. See details belowab

How to Get Started with Mac-to-Mac Mode

This isn’t just a fever dream — it’s real! If you're interested in trying this setup, here's everything you need to get started:

  1. Primary Mac: This is the main Mac you will be using — the host Mac from which all of your programs and windows will be projected. The Primary Mac must be a 2011 or later and requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later.a

  2. Secondary Mac: This will be your extended display — the receiving Mac onto which you may drag any of your program windows. The Secondary Mac must be a 2007 or later and requires macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion or later. b

  3. A reliable network connection: Mac-to-Mac Mode will work whether you are working wirelessly via WiFi or tethered to your router! 

  4. Luna Display: Luna Display is our little red device, which previously turned your iPad into a second or main display and now has the ability to turn your Mac into a second display! You will also need the Luna Display apps for the Primary and Secondary Mac, which are free and available for download at 

When you’re ready, you can find instructions for getting setup here:


Transcending the definition of an Apple product

Apple has always marketed its products to be standalone, never intended to be used at the same time. While you can ‘connect’ devices through AirDrop, or pick up where you left off in Safari and the Messages app, the idea remains the same: it is all about picking up one product, and setting the other down. 

Where we differ from Apple is that, instead of limiting ourselves to using each product individually, we see the potential that comes from a combination of products that is greater than the sum of its parts. Ever since we launched Astropad in 2015, we’ve envisioned a new way of working that combines the power of Mac and iPad. And we’re pushing that vision into the future with new ways to connect devices with Luna Display. 

Interested in creating this workspace for yourself? 




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