Mac-to-iPad Mode

Using Your iPad as a Second Screen with Luna Display

Luna Display turns your iPad into a second display for Mac. With full support for external keyboards, Apple Pencil, and touch interactions, Luna harnesses the power of your Mac and extends your macOS onto a touchable device.

Mac-to-iPad Mode Features

  • Touch pan and zoom gesture support
  • External keyboard support for iPad

Minimum Requirements

      • Primary Mac must be a 2011 model or later, and running macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later
      • iPad must be an iPad Mini 2 (2013+), iPad Pro (2016+), iPad 5th generation (2017+), or iPad Air (2013+) model running iOS 9.1 or later (32-bit devices are not supported)

How to Get Started:

  1. Plug the Luna Display hardware directly into your Mac and connect to your iPad either via USB cable or with a local WiFi connection.
  2. After connecting Mac and iPad apps, the iPad screen will become an extension of your Mac desktop screen. Similar to a regular external monitor connection, depending on your Display settings, you may see a different desktop background on your iPad or notice that files and windows have shifted over. You can always adjust Display settings through Displays in macOS System Preferences.


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