Luna Display's Technology

Our proprietary LIQUID Technology was originally built for creative professionals and is now available to everyone.

Using LIQUID, Luna Display provides crystal clear image quality, reliable performance, and wireless flexibility. We realized it’s not just artists that value these things and that’s why we are bringing our LIQUID technology to our latest product — Luna Display.

LIQUID features color corrected output and retina resolution, so what you see on your iPad is the same quality as your Mac. Our built-in Velocity Control analyzes network conditions dozens of times per second to balance image quality and latency. Whether you're working plugged in or wirelessly, your iPad will stay highly responsive.

Our LIQUID technology provides:

  • Uncompromised image quality 
  • Lightning fast speeds 
  • Lag-free performance at 60 frames per second 
  • GPU acceleration, so your Mac stays fast and optimized 
  • Hand optimized ARM assembly to maximize battery life
  • Velocity Control, which analyzes network conditions dozens of times per second 

Luna Uses the Power of your Graphics Card 

We developed Luna because we knew there was a better solution than relying on software to turn an iPad into a second display.

Software apps literally hack your graphics card, delivering a glitchy and unreliable picture. Software tricks your Mac into thinking a display is attached, when in fact they get no benefit of graphics acceleration or Metal GPU support. It's like buying a car and only using half the engine. 

Unlike software apps, Luna harnesses the raw power of your graphics card, giving you the full benefit of its graphics acceleration — delivering a stunning second monitor that’s 100% wire free.