Astropad x Luna Display: Save Big for Black Friday!

Astropad Black Friday Deal! Save $30 on your first year

Ready to take your workflow to the next level? For a limited time, get $30 off of your first year of Astropad Studio when you purchase an annual subscription through our site. (The discount is only available through the link below or by purchasing through

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Serious Tools for Digital Artists

Luna fully integrates with Astropad — our award-winning drawing software that turns the iPad into a professional graphics tablet for Mac. Astropad allows you to draw directly into creative Mac programs such as Photoshop, using pressure input from the Apple Pencil. If you are a creative professional, Luna has been designed with you in mind.

Astropad Studio Features:

  • Stroke Lab (custom pressure curves and pressure smoothing)
  • Magic Gestures (eraser, right-click, and hover simulation)
  • Full on-screen keyboard and quick keys
  • Unlimited, customizable per-app shortcuts

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