Order placed for Luna’s hardware components

Since the start of the new year, we’ve been focused on preparing Luna’s factory for production and gathering initial feedback from beta testers. We’re excited to share these highlights from the past month:

Successful 200-unit manufacturing test run 

At the beginning of January, Luna Display’s co-founder Giovanni Donelli made another visit to our factory floor in China. During the visit, we completed a manufacturing test run of 200 Luna units (100 Mini DisplayPort and 100 USB-C units).

The finished USB-C units had a 100% success rate, and the Mini DisplayPort (mDP) units were 95% successful. We are currently investigating the 5% mDP failures, and we will most likely need to do another manufacturing test round of mDP units once we have figured out the cause of this. In general, we feel very confident about Luna’s hardware manufacturing setup!

Order placed for Luna components

Following the successful test run, we’ve moved forward with ordering components to build all of the Luna Display units. While we wait for the hardware components to arrive, we will continue running manufacturing tests and collecting feedback from beta testers to assure that Luna works seamlessly.

We also placed the order for Luna’s plastic enclosure mold. In the below photo you can see the high-resolution 3D printed enclosures that we are using for beta testing units.

Moving forward with the second round of beta testing 

Last month we conducted our first official round of Luna beta testing. Thirty people with varying Mac models received beta units to run the Luna Integrity Test — our test that verifies Luna’s compatibility with each Mac model. 90% of units passed the Integrity Test, and we are looking into the remaining 10% of failures. We will be starting the next phase of beta testing in a few weeks using the 200 units from our manufacturing test run.

The Luna Integrity Test verifies compatibility with each Mac model

Overall, we’ve made some great progress in the past month and we’re excited to move forward with production! We will share another update in the coming weeks once we have analyzed the Mini DisplayPort failures and beta feedback. In the meantime, check out our brand new Instagram account for productivity tips and inspiration. 😀